When it blooms Where it blooms When to prune How much to prune
Type 1 Spring Old wood After bloom Very little - just enough to keep it tidy
Type 2 Late spring, reblooming late summer Old and new growth Early spring before blooming Lightly - remove dead wood and cut back just a little bit, leaving buds
Type 3 Summer or fall New growth, dies to the ground over winter Late winter Prune nearly to the ground, leaving a healthy bud

Type 1 clematis bloom in the spring on old wood. Prune them very lightly after blooming - just enough to keep them tidy.

Type 2 clematis bloom in late spring on old wood and again in late summer on new wood. Prune them lightly in early spring before blooming, removing dead wood and cutting back just a little bit but leaving the buds.

Type 3 clematis bloom in the summer or fall on new growth and die to the ground over winter. In late winter, prune them nearly to the ground, leaving one healthy bud on a stem.