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Thriller Lady's Mantle

Thriller Lady's Mantle

Alchemilla mollis 'Thriller'

Cut Flowers

Collection: Perennials
Tags: alchemilla, lady's mantle

The large, lobed leaves are rich shades of green and look refreshing when covered with beads of water after dew or rain showers. The flowers are an almost electric shade of yellow to chartreuse. Perennial Plant of the Year 2018


Botanical NameAlchemilla mollis 'Thriller'
ExposureFull Sun, Partial Shade
HardinessZone 3
Flower ColourYellow
Bloom MonthsMay, June, July, August
FeaturesCut Flowers

Planting Instructions

  • Remove from the growing container.
  • Dig a hole 2 times container size and same depth of container.
  • Refill with dry soil.
  • Water thoroughly after planting.