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Scentara® Double Blue Lilac

Scentara® Double Blue Lilac

Syringa hyacinthiflora 'SMNSHBBL


Collection: Shrubs
Tags: lilac, Proven Winners®, syringa


There are about 15 different species of lilacs found in nature, and Syringa hyacinthiflora is the queen of them all when it comes to fragrance. And that's what makes Scentara® Double Blue the most fragrant Proven Winners lilac yet! The cool purple blooms take on a blue tone in the spring sunshine, each one full of petals for a delicate seashell-like effect. This very heavy bloomer exhibits excellent disease resistant and a handsome, appealing shape that will look right at home in your landscape.

Botanical NameSyringa hyacinthiflora 'SMNSHBBL
ExposureFull Sun to Partial Shade
HardinessZone 2
Flower ColourPurple, Blue
Bloom MonthsMay
Patent InfoPPAF, CBRAF
FeaturesFragrant, Resists Deer

Planting Instructions

  • Remove from the growing container.
  • Dig a hole 2 times container size and same depth of container.
  • Refill with dry soil.
  • Water thoroughly after planting.